Lanao del Sur comes next in the 7-series of the UVPN’s Parliamentary Outreach. The activity aimed to update the youth on the legislative developments in BARMM after adopting a Parliamentary System of Governance.

UVPN Program Manager Abqary Alon leveled off the participants’ understanding of the BARMM’s new Parliamentary System. UVPN MEAL Officer Rean Belocura, MPA re-echoed BTA Statutory Committee Support Service Atty. Abdel Disangcopan’s updates on legislative developments in the Parliament, especially those that concern the youth. BYC-LDS Field Officer Saidale Marohombsar shared their programs intended for the youth, as a product of the Parliament’s policy to safeguard the needs of the youth. UVPN Executive Director Jelfaad J. Salik runs down the UVPN’s activities for the youth in concurrence with the Parliament’s youth development policy. Representatives from the Office of MP Suharto Esmael, MP Ras Mitmug, and MP Khalid Hadji Abdullah, convey the MPs’ legislative plans for the youth and Lanao del Sur. MSU Main-VCAA Dr. Amerkhan Cabaro, Guidance Specialist IV Jalalodin Alonto, MA, MSU MCHC Director Dr. Sorhaila Latip-Yusoph, MSU Faculty/Former UVPN Board Member for Ranaw Hammim Casan graced the activity with their presence.


The BARMM’s Parliamentary System was adopted as part of the Peace Negotiations between the MILF and the Philippine Government. MILF’s inspiration came from the reforms and successes they witnessed in Parliamentary Countries, including higher human development index, high GDP, less corruption, party-based politics, and how it mirrors the Islamic principle of Shūra (consultative decision-making).
The UVPN outreach activity was conducted in cooperation with MSU Main Supreme Student Government and Bangsamoro Youth Commission and is part of the Activate Young Bangsamoro Project supported by UK Aid Direct and The Asia Foundation.

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