Statement on MSU Marawi – Dimaporo Gymnasium Bombing

UVPN strongly condemns the bombing of MSU Marawi Dimaporo Gymnasium that killed four and injured more than ten students and faculty this morning, December 3, 2023. The Gymnasium was hosting Catholic students of MSU Marawi who were having their Sunday Mass.
We call on the appropriate authorities and development partners to respond by strengthening security measures, preventing further extremist triggers, and managing narratives that dismantle social harmony. We urge the masses to protect the trust and confidence established between communities of different faiths, forged by blood, sweat, and tears over decades.
For the past years, the people in the Bangsamoro, including Muslims, Christians, and non-Moro IPs, have been working tirelessly hand in hand to rebuild the region following the peace framework agreed upon by the GPH and the MILF. It is disappointing to see that some do not associate themselves with this positive traction and choose to be stuck with hate, vengeance, and resistance to inclusive peace.
Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun.