The UVPN successfully concluded its Thanksgiving Iftar with Youth Leaders

The United Voices for Peace Networks successfully concluded its Thanksgiving Iftar with Youth Leaders last April 19, 2023, at Kutawato Hall, Em Manor Hotel, Cotabato City. The said program was attended by the Office of MP Suharto Esmail, Office of MP Gayak, BYC Commissioner of Tawi-Tawi- Ms. Comm. Pratima Samsaraji, different youth leaders and sectors across the region, as well as the UVPN’s Board of Trustees including its pioneering founder Mr. Hamodi Tiboron, CPA.
During the said program, Mr. Abdul Satar M. Matabalao shared an Islamic lecture with the topic “Unity among Youths and Cooperation among Elders”, and Mr. Jelfaad J. Salik, RN – UVPN’s Executive Director presented the UVPN’s accomplishments through the years. Mr. Abqary Alon – Youth Representative to the BARMM Council of Leaders and one of the members of UVPN’s Board of Trustees also delivered the upcoming activities of UVPN. Moreover, each representative of the different offices and organizations delivered their message of support to UVPN.
The Thanksgiving Iftar with the Youth Leaders aims to strengthen bonds and foster meaningful connections. The UVPN looks forward to building a stronger and beneficial engagement with the offices and organizations to achieve a better Bangsamoro community for everyone.