Trainors from ACTED, Tyakap Kalilintad commend UVPN trainees’ outputs and performance

Junior members of the UVPN participated in the ACTED/Tyakap Kalilintad-organized training on organizational capacity and technical workshop. The training covered different topics which ranged from ifnromation management, technical proposal writing, project cycle management to logistics and financial management.
The training is part of the PESTABAB project, which would preparate CSOs in BARMM, including UVPN, to conduct activities that addresses conflict in SGA North Cotabato.
UVPN reps, Ms. Fariza Esmail, Ms. Bai Aleha Lemba, and Mr. Norsain Paning, proposed a project that would strengthen cooperation and coordination gaps between community, M/BLGUs, AHJAG, CCCH, and JPSC that is seen by the UVPN reps as a root cause of the protracted and erratic flashpoints in the area, in addition to its ‘hanging’ governance setup and operationally-challenged justice system. Trainors praised the UVPN reps’ ideas and outputs for being ‘organized and achievable’.