UVPN-trained Youth Leaders successfully lobbied their policy recommendations directly to concerned BARMM agencies

As part of the second day of the UVPN-organized Bangsamoro Youth Leaders’ Convention, the participating youth leaders presented their policy recommendations to the appropriate BARMM agencies attending scheduled breakout roundtable discussions. These issues range from incorporating special marginalized sectors to the current government program designs to investments in ICT to support education in the last-mile areas in BARMM. Attending government officers from MBHTE, MILG, MPOS, MSSD, MIPA, MTIT, MOH, CSEA, BYC, and BWC welcomed some of the recommendations, while others required the participating youth leaders to negotiate and compromise. The selected BARMM agencies were gathered through the coordination with the Bangsamoro Youth Commission (BYC) as part of the Bangsamoro Youth Coordinating Council (BYCC), a council mandated by law to be an avenue for discussions of youth-related policies.

The policy recommendations were a product of the YOUTHLED Project’s series of interventions, from agenda setting, policy development training, community consultation, and policy paper writeshops, which impressed the attending government officers for its depth, relevance, maturity, and appropriateness with their planning, budgeting, and programming systems.

Among the successfully negotiated terms with the government include: (1) strengthening coordination and integration of multi-area issues and sectors into the government’s current programming and planning mechanisms; (2) creation of issue-specific IEC/capacity development programs; (3) development of policies expanding the youth’s role and authority in already existing decision-making councils; (4) using the participating youth’s policy paper as a reference of succeeding year’s planning and budgeting; and (5) referring the concerns to other appropriate agencies/officials. The participating youths were delighted with the responses from the attending government officers as they realize non-adversarial participation in governance is possible.

This activity forms part of the YOUTHLED (Youth Leadership for Democracy) project supported by USAID and The Asia Foundation, implemented in BARMM by the UVPN, Inc.




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